What is Moissanite Diamond?

Researcher tells that Moissanite naturally born from starts! At the very beginning it was discovered in 1893 by a Nobel Prize winner French scientist named Henri Moissan. He found minute particles of the diamond that would in the long run bear his name in Arizona, in a hole made by a shooting star that tumbled to Earth. He at first believed that he had found precious diamond stones, In any case, later verified that the precious stones were made out of silicon carbide.

Is Moissanite found from Mines?

Moissanite is a naturally found a stone same like Diamonds, People call it as a diamonds but this is totally diffrent than that, Yes we can compare both Diamonds as well as Moissanite just same as we compare Gold & Platinum. Moissanite & Diamonds both having same types of specifications. Nowadays it’s very very hard to get moissanite naturally from Mines because it is rare founds, so whatever moissanite diamonds we see in our nearby its all lab made diamonds. It become 100% possible to create a same moissanite diamonds in lab just like it mines naturally. Moissanite is designed to give the dream of likeness to precious stones, however is’s sparkle and hardness is not more like same as a natural diamonds. The sturdiness, splendor, and shade of the two jewels are very particular.

Moissanite have same colors like diamonds?

Moissanite Diamonds are reflect almost same as natural diamonds but we can not measure 100% same like natural diamond to this moissanite diamonds. In Moissanite Diamonds mostly it measure in 3 variants as mentioned below,

  • Colorless (DEF Color)
  • Near Colorless (GHI Color)
  • Off White (JK down color)

Above mentioned is mainly 3 types in Moissanite Diamonds. When diamond is Colorless then it also calls as a Forever one colorless Moissanite Diamonds. It mostly used in a precious moissanite jewelry because when people select Gold as a mettle of jewelry then they always prefer it to looks great and that’s the reason most of people use colorless moissanite diamonds in a moissanite jewelry. 

Near colorless moissanite diamonds are sparkle lower then colorless moissanite diamonds because near colorless moissanite diamonds having color range from G color to I color which shine little bit yellowish color. This is lower costly then colorless moissanite diamonds. Apart from color of moissanite diamond there is everything is same between both types of diamonds including near near colorless moissanite diamonds as well as colorless moissanite diamonds. In some Asian countries off white moissanite diamonds are also available which comes from very lower quality moissanite diamonds and having colors like J,K or even down color then K so it always reflect like Yellowish shades. It used by those who wants cheapest moissanite diamonds.


Oh! When you measure a hardness of moissanite diamond on Moh’s scale then you will be really surprise with reading the statistics for Hardness of Moissanite Diamond…


Does moissanite diamond have Fluorescence?

Almost every moissanite have a distinct fluorescence cast which is very weird display of light and almost looks alike little foggy and littlebit darkness from center table of diamond. Which is a clearly visible from the microscope as well as diamond’s loupe but it is almost impossible to see from a normal eye in colorless moissanite diamond but in near colorless and in off white moissanite diamond it is a clearly visible from top view of diamond.

Will moissanite diamond last for a long?

Oh! You should not ask this question, The reason why I am telling is Moissanite Diamond is the second highest on a hardness on a Mohs scale of hardness sot it fires almost next to the real diamond. Some research says that moissanite never lose it’s firing and sparkle but lab made moissanite lasts minimum to 25 year or more to forever. I think this is best figure to hear because moissanite diamonds having almost 100% to 1000% lower price then real diamond and it lasts almost like same time.