Moissanite vs Diamond?

Moissanite is same kind of a stone like Natural Diamonds. After it first discovered from 1893, Always new experiments in labs started to make it same and finally nowadays it is possible to have manufacture same moissanite diamond in lab like a mined moissanite. Now we know it is same like diamonds then let’s make some comparisons to know diffrent between Moissanite & Diamonds on color, clarity, hardness, brilliance as well as on pricing wise.

Moissanite vs Diamond : Color

Different Colors in Natural Diamond

Natural Diamonds are graded in diffrent colors starts from D color to K color and also it is possible to compare each other diamonds internally because it all being certified by a world's grading leaders GIA as well as IGI.

Different Colors in Moissanite Diamond

Now Moissanite we can not actually say an exact color because moissanite can only be measured in 3 types like Colorless, Near colorless as well as Off white color. Colorless can include DEF color, Near colorless includes GH color and below I color can be considered as a Off white moissanite diamonds. Lab made Moissanite also available in all diffrent colors like Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow and many more. This lab made Moissanite diamonds reflect diffrent color in front of a day light.

Moissanite vs Diamond : Hardness

Hardness in Natural Diamonds

Hardness is measured based on Moh's scale. Natural diamond is one of the most strong things on the earth and it's hardness is 10.0 on Moh's scale.

Hardness in Moissanite Diamond

When we think about hardness of moissanite diamonds then it is not much lower then natural diamonds. natural diamond's hardness is 10.0 but moissanite diamond's hardness is 9.25 nearly which we can not say it as lower one. So we can say moissanite is a very next alternative to natural diamonds and also it can be used on behalf of that where we need a uses of diamonds.

Moissanite vs Diamond : Brilliance

Brilliance of Natural Diamonds

Brilliance means intense brightness of light. Natural Diamond is mainly used for 2 things, 1 is it's hardness and 2nd is it's firing or we can say sparkle as well.

Brilliance of Moissanite Diamond

Now brilliance of moissanite diamonds Let's get into the details. Standard Moissanite diamond's Brilliance Refractive Index (RI) is 2.65 - 2.69 where natural diamond's Brilliance Refractive Index (RI) is 2.42 and both looks extremely near to each other. Another parameter is Fire Dispersion which is 0.044 for moissanite diamonds and 0.104 for moissanite diamonds which is quite competitive. So overall Brilliance of Moissanite Diamond is much better then Brilliance of Natural Diamond

Moissanite vs Diamond : Price

Price range of Natural Diamonds

Pricing of natural diamond is decided based on GIA as well as IGI's Repaport pricing. Different vendor sell natural diamonds with their own companies criteria but all pricing is only measured based on Repa port.

Price range of Moissanite Diamond

There is not much standard pricing for Moissanite Diamonds but usually Colorless moissanite diamonds sold under $399 per Carat. Near Colorless diamonds sold under $249 per carat and off white moissanite diamonds sold under $99 per carat. Apart from this diffrent companies sold diamonds according to them so they decide the pricing of theirs own moissanite diamonds.

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